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Personal exercises

We also offer exercises that are specifically designed for improving your dog. If you have only limited amount of time this is the best solution for you. 

The main purpose of this service is to increase performance (speed, strength and safety) of the dog under analysis. Analysis is done by spotting instances from videos where movement fluency breaks and analyze reasons behind these moments. By analyzing the actions this way, possible physical weaknesses can be found and already strong areas spotted. The tailored physical exercise program will be conducted based on the findings from the video analysis and is therefore tailor-made for each dog.

In order to compose the individual exercise program, videos from agility training or competitions or performing certain exercises are needed. These need to be provided by using a cloud service (youtube, onedrive, dropbox etc.). Videos shall include all obstacles that the dog has been trained to perform and it’s also good if videos include approaches from different angles so a thorough analysis can be made. 

Service includes

–  Video analysis with written report
– Tailored physical exercise program
– Remote support with email for performing the exercise program

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