Welcome to the course area! See below for all our available courses.

We have courses covering both human and dog physique and other important aspects of agility! We also have a lot of separate exercises for dogs and humans – skill levels are divided into three and are indicated by start at the top corner of each exercise. You can buy the bundle of the separate exercises or you can choose any course you would like.

Below you can find all of our courses and exercises. To navigate, choose preferred course and get going! Once you have bought a course, you can find it in your “own courses” section.


Personal support

If you need personal support with exercises or your dog’s physique, we have a service for this too.

If you struggle with any exercise with your dog, just take a video of you two doing this specific exercise or at least trying for 10 reps and send it to us. If you are a member of our community, this only costs 10 € and we send you guidance how to proceed with your exercise.

 We also offer exercises that are specifically designed for improving your dog. If you have only limited amount of time this is the best solution for you. There will be a few exercises chosen by our physiotherapists to improve your dog depending on its needs. We choose exercises from looking your agility course training videos and analyze what your dog needs most.

If you are interested in these services, email us at and we will be there to support you!

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