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Agiology is the way of thinking agility from a larger perspective. Agiology aims to get every dog and their trainer into top condition physically and mentally. On top of handling skills, the Agiology mentality includes improving physical skills and attributes of both the dog and the owner. We will give you tools to work with all aspects of agility as well as evidence based reasons why and how to train. You can find online courses but also separate exercises, just choose which one fits you and your dog’s needs the best!

You can find plenty of information on Agiology methods from our pages allowing you to take actions towards becoming an even better agility handler!

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Vicious iliopsoas
Iliopsoas injuries are very common for agility andĀ other sporting and working dogs. In the hind leg area, they might even be theĀ most common tissue to get overuse-type of injuries in agility. Iliopsoas actually consists of two different muscles: M. Psoas Major and..

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