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We have online courses, separate exercises and blog posts to give you information and tools to help you and your furry friend feel better and stay safe on your sport.


Everything we do is based on scientific evidence – as physiotherapists it’s very important for us to give you insight on why and how to develop you and your dog to become better in your sport!

We think that by keeping your agility dog all his or her career in a fit condition and always improving it to be even better will give you more enjoyable moments training with your best friend. You don’t need that many repetitions when your dog is an athlete and can perform from first minute of your course training to the last minute keeping his or her body fresh.

With human athletes there are massive amount of knowledge how physical exercises help athletes to keep safe and avoid injuries. We also want to bring this side to agility – there is so much we can do to make our dogs and ourselves better and less prone to injuries in this sport!

Videos are easy to follow, there is lots of information on how to guide your dog to perform specific exercises as well as online course and blog posts bringing the science to you in a understandable way. We bring new material to our community every month!

Be an athlete!

Agility is a tough sport. Dogs need to be in super condition – this comes from training like an athlete!

There are no footballers who only train playing football. They do exercises to control the ball, strength training to strengthen their body, aerobic training to improve their condition and much more. So we shouldn’t have dogs who’s only sport training is agility course training. Athletes also need to do efficient training, not only basic exercises but a lot can be build on the basics.

From our platform you can find exercises for all skill levels, so don’t worry if you haven’t yet started, you can start with easier exercises and build skills on those!

Make your dog the best version of itself!

Personal exercises

We also offer exercises that are specifically designed for improving your dog. If you have only limited amount of time this is the best solution for you. There will be a few exercises chosen by our physiotherapists to improve your dog depending on its needs. We choose exercises from looking your agility course training videos and analyze what your dog needs most.

Make yourself the best version of yourself!

We also believe that making yourself faster and more agile will make you a better trainer for your dog and give you more opportunities to guide your dog more easily throughout an agility course. We have created courses and separate exercises for you to improve your physique – speed, strength, balance and mobility. When you keep yourself in good shape, you have more energy to also train your dog!

Who we are?


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Animal physiotherapist


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Physiotherapist, dog massage therapist


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Agility expert

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